Like the country, Brazilian jewellery is known for its assortment of styles and designs, but this diversity all seem to have a common ground, portraying happiness, lightness, and a cheerful attitude on life. These are traits that bring a new concept of luxury representing a true differential in today’s world.

Beyond the contemporary trend, multi-cultural influences have always been a registered trademark of the Brazilian people, who are particularly receptive and open-minded to diversity and source of inspirations. In the cultural mixing pot in which Brazilian creators live, technology and crafts are entwined. There are modern references, as well as allusions to  retro. The result is the creation of jewellery that is fresh, modern and creative.

From the point of view of colour, Brazil is privileged to be one of the largest producers and exporters of gemstones with important deposits of aquamarine, amethyst, diamond, emerald, rubellite, topaz and tourmaline.

Despite its diversity, the Brazilian jewellery industry tends to unite markets, and  its popularity is underscored by its presence at the key  international shows.

In 2014, exports of gemstones, jewellery and precious metals from Brazil reached close to $3 billion.

Notably, according to GFMS, in 2013, Brazil stood in second place worldwide as a producer of gold-plated jewellery, overtaking Korea and just behind China. 

Its exports of gold-plated jewellery equal about 10 percent of the world demand.

It is estimated that the industry in Brazil, encompassing both the manufacturing and retail sectors, comprises approximately 22,000 companies, generating close to 40,000 jobs.